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TOPDC Car Windshield Sun Shade

Item No TD-WS240T

Bullet Point:

  • Protect Your Car Interior: TOPDC's sun shield for car effectively block the sun’s heat and harmful ultraviolet radiation, keep the dashboard, steering wheel and seats cool, and provide maximum protection for the interior of your vehicle.

  • Perfect Coverage: TOPDC's car sun shade for windshields (63 x 33.5 inches) that will fully encompass your vehicle’s visor windshield. It is adjustable and can fit well for car windshields that do not exceed the measurement of 63 inches x 33.5 inches.

  • Excellent Quality: Our sun visor for car is made of a premium and durable 240T reflective polyester material which uses heat reduction technology to block heat & sun. Keeps your vehicle cool and comfortable.

  • Flexible Design: Our car window shade front windshield can be easily popped up and folded back within a few seconds. With an attractive compact pouch, it can be stored in various places on the car, such as the door.

  • Wide Adapted: TOPDC windshield shades are extremely versatile in nature. It's suitable for most models of cars,sedans,SUVs etc.

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    TOPDC Car Windshield Sun Shade
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